Valleys Kids launch #BigGive Campaign

Valleys Kids offer a lifeline to individuals and families who are on the edge, struggling to survive, living in ex-mining communities of the South Wales Valleys, and have just launched their #BigGive campaign. Can you help them?

Unfortunately, 1 in 4 children live in poverty in the Valleys. They suffer from low-self esteem and poor aspirations. They live in families struggling to survive economically and emotionally. It’s a crippling downward spiral, which destroys hope of a positive fulfilling life for families.

This remarkable project will engage ‘hard to reach’ young people and vulnerable adult who will benefit from it, in helping to build their own eco-residential centre using natural, locally sourced materials. Once completed, we can extend the benefits of Residential sessions at Little Bryn Gwyn providing diverse volunteering & training opportunities for young people; respite for families facing obstacles helping them gain control of their lives and giving children & families happy memories.

Can you help with a donation?

Please visit to donate.

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