Do you know your Canine First Aid?

Local dog groomers Pooch Palace are offering a unique opportunity for dog owners to learn canine first aid in their Tonypandy store on Llwynypia Road.

The first-aid course focuses mostly on dogs but also covering some important facts about cats and other small animals. An in-depth course covering shock, CPR, practical bandaging, bleeding, drowning/choking, Alabama Rot, toxins, clinical examination, signs of pain, road traffic accidents, bites and stings, pyometra, gastric dilation volvulus, seizures, diabetes, ear and eye problems, hypo/hyperthermia, paw and nail problems, vaccines, neutering, kennel cough, vomiting and diarrhoea and so much more.

Along the way, you will discuss both conventional and holistic approaches, and will be taught by a vet so is extremely comprehensive.

Tickets are £45 per person and the price includes student handbook and professional certificate plus light refreshments.

The course is CPD accredited. Tickets are available at

Please call Sophie on 07824392332 if you have any questions.

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