South Wales Community Mountain Rangers

South Wales Community Mountain Rangers
South Wales Community Mountain Rangers

As you all know, we have recently been helping the fire service how we can, this has been by delivering bottled water and snacks to the fire crews who have been battling mountain fires around South Wales and RCT.

As you all know we are a community group of volunteers that delivers varies activities:

Litter picks
Clearance work
River clean ups
Mountain walks day and evening
Path clearance

We try to help prevent fires before they start   by giving prevention talks and delivering bush craft.

As a team we decided to see what we could do to help once there were mountain fires already in action.
As we are only volunteers and not part if the actual fire service, we came up with the idea of supporting fire crews by handing them supplies. We have so far delivered, bottled water and snacks, including, crisps, chocolate bars, nuts, etc.
We believe that this helps by keeping crews hydrated and suitably nourished to keep up their hard work.
Its just unfortunate that our fire crews are having to use their energy to fight grass fires when there may be people in their homes etc that need genuine help!

South Wales Fire and Rescue Service
07445 622483

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South Wales Community Mountain Rangers