World of Words (WOW)

World of Words (WOW)
World of Words (WOW)

World of Words (WOW) is a non profit group that helps children with their literacy and well being. To add to which we offer these kids and their families a chance to have free days out at major sporting, cultural and theatrical events.

WOW and its children discuss the importance of factors such as:

Respect for oneself and others
Trying one’s best and not making weak excuses for a lack of effort
Honesty and not blaming other people when it is your fault
Learning from your errors and bouncing back from bad experiences
Using wisdom (both in and out of school)
Good behaviour and staying clear of trouble
Being inspired by appropriate role models
Helping both oneself and others
Choosing the right friends
Adhering to safe and secure practices
Clean living-and the avoidance of drugs, alcohol and crime
Facing challenges and overcoming obstacles
Enhancing personal talents and achieving one’s goals
The value of money and adult responsibilities within this apea
Having aspirations/dreams and working towards progress
Planning for the future.
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World of Words (WOW)