Can you help “A Big Cwtch”?

A new cause hoping to become a charity, is looking to help one family in need in the Rhondda this Christmas, by giving £200 worth of toys, vouchers and a hamper, as well as a visit from Santa.

“A Big Cwtch”, is a bunch of friends who want to make a difference and are focused on people who have fallen on hard times in the valleys. It could be anything, not just illness but those struggling to put food on the table, or need some furniture perhaps, or just need a helping hand on occasion.

They currently have a JustGiving Crowdfunding page running at:

With this lovely thought and idea, “A Big Cwtch” actually need help themselves, as they are in need of a place to operate from. Can you, or someone you know, help them?

As they are newly established, they are in need of “any office space cheap or better still free”.

If you think you can help them, please get in touch with them via Facebook.

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